Venturer Scouts have the courage and confidence to say, try and do. They are given opportunities to experience the excitement of living and the training to develop into a capable, self-reliant individual.

As a Venturer Scout, you could find yourself camping above the snow line, exploring underwater reefs, riding the wind in a high-performance land yacht, earning your pilot's licence, investigating a career in astrophysics, editing your own film, making a sculpture or climbing a sheer rock face.

The action and adventure you experience as a Venturer Scout doesn't just develop your physical skills, but also prepares you to meet challenges, to deal with new situations, and to gain independence. You work alongside adults, rather than being told what to do by them, and you draw on their experiences and contacts to get the best out of your program that you design to suit your needs.

You belong to a group of young people your own age (15-18*), with about 15 of you in a Unit. You run your own affairs through a Unit Council. You speak out for your own viewpoint and share the decisions, help make the plans and follow them through.

The Sunbury Venturer Unit currently meets at the Learmonth St Hall on Monday evenings from 8 to 10pm.

* The commencement for advancement in Sections may vary by up to 6 months.